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Review of the History of Geriatric Medicine in Ontario and Canada
Speech by Dr. W.W. Priddle delivered to Home Physicians on September 28, 1977.

“Remember that these individuals are our own parents and grandparents to whom we owe so much, including our present standard of living. One day you and I will be counted among these and we hope our children and grandchildren will have reason to be proud of us and give us the best available care. The elderly should be helped to sustain a sense of worth and dignity and maintain a maximum function as long as possible – preferable, we think, in the community.” [More]

Dr. Priddle and the History of Geriatrics in Canada
History of Geriatrics in Canada by David B. Hogan, Canadian Bulletin of Medical History / Volume 24:1 2007

In 1953 William W. Priddle was appointed Consultant in Geriatrics to the provincial Department of Welfare…Priddle began “attempting to stimulate interest in the reactivation of elderly people” and focused attention upon the frequent transfer of residents to nearby hospitals…[More]

Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada
Recommendations of the Sodium Working Group, 2010

“The majority of people worldwide consume far more sodium, mostly from salt, than is required physiologically. The accumulated evidence of a cause and effect relationship between high intakes of sodium and hypertension, a major cause of cardiovascular disease, is now convincing…Historical data on sodium consumption in Canada is very limited. A Canadian study [by W.W. Priddle] on the relationship between sodium, potassium and hypertension, published in 1962, measured 24-hour sodium excretion, conducted for 14 consecutive days, by nine adults with an average age of 58 years. It found a daily excretion of 162.2 mEq, which indicates a daily intake of about 3,740 mg of sodium.” [More]

Anti-Potassium Bias in Medicine
The Magnesium Factor, 2003

In the early 1930s, a Canadian researcher, W.W. Priddle, lowered the high blood pressure of 100 percent of his forty-five subjects with a therapy that combined a low-sodium diet with potassium citrate supplements…[More]

Research on the Impact of a Sodium (Salt) Diet
Eat less salt to reduce risk of stroke, The Toronto Telegram, 1971

“Controlling salt intake is much more than just refusing to pour table salt on your food,” says Dr. Priddle. “Convenience foods, canned foods, meats, bacon and sausages contain tremendous amounts of salt when placed on the table. Tests have shown that even babies can consume enormous amounts of salt without any being added to their food.” [More]

Published Research

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